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Hybrid working & getting the best out of your talent

As the world evolves, so does the way we work. Hybrid working, which combines remote work and office-based work, has become increasingly popular, presenting new challenges and opportunities for businesses and their leaders. For Founding CEOs, navigating this new world of hybrid working is crucial to ensure they get the best out of their talent.

Here are some key strategies for Founding CEOs to effectively manage and maximise the potential of their teams in a hybrid working environment:

Clear Communication
Communication is paramount in a hybrid working setup. Founding CEOs should establish clear communication channels and expectations for their teams, including regular check-ins, team meetings, and virtual collaboration tools. Providing regular
updates, setting clear goals, and maintaining open lines of communication will help keep everyone aligned, motivated, and engaged.

Flexibility and Trust
Hybrid working requires flexibility and trust from both leaders and employees.
Founding CEOs should trust their teams to deliver results, regardless of their location. This includes giving employees the autonomy to manage their own work schedules and finding a balance that works for them. Flexibility in terms of work
hours, location, and task assignments can lead to increased productivity and job satisfaction.

Virtual Team Building
Building team cohesion is essential in a hybrid working environment. Founding CEOs should invest in virtual team building activities to foster team bonding and strengthen relationships. This could include virtual team-building exercises, online social events, or informal virtual coffee breaks. Building a positive team culture and fostering a sense of belonging can help keep employees motivated and engaged, even when working remotely.

Empowerment and Collaboration
Founding CEOs should empower their teams to collaborate and make decisions, regardless of their physical location. Encouraging cross-functional collaboration, providing access to collaboration tools, and promoting a culture of inclusivity and
diversity can foster innovation and creativity within the team. Founding CEOs should also promote a collaborative leadership style, where employees feel comfortable sharing ideas and providing feedback.


Focus on Results and Performance
In a hybrid working setup, it’s important for Founding CEOs to focus on results and performance rather than physical presence. Setting clear expectations and measuring outcomes rather than monitoring hours worked can help create a results-
driven culture. Providing regular feedback and recognition for a job well done can​ motivate employees to continue performing at their best, regardless of their work location.

Employee Wellbeing
Founding CEOs should prioritise employee wellbeing in a hybrid working environment. Encouraging employees to take regular breaks, promoting work-life balance, and providing resources for mental health and wellbeing can help employees stay motivated and productive. Founding CEOs should also lead by example and prioritise their own wellbeing, as it sets a positive tone for the team.


In conclusion , navigating the new world of hybrid working requires effective leadership from Founding CEOs. Clear communication, flexibility, trust, virtual team building, empowerment, focus on results, and employee wellbeing are key strategies that can help Founding CEOs get the best out of their talent in a hybrid working environment. By embracing these strategies, Founding CEOs can create a positive and productive work environment, maximise employee performance, and drive business success in the ever-evolving world of work.

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